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How to Afford the Cost of Graduate School

Earning a college degree is a necessity for many career-minded young adults, as employers across multiple industries make it a prerequisite to applying for a job. Although an undergraduate degree may have been sufficient in years past, higher-earning positions demand…

How to Get an Awesome Letter of Recommendation for Graduate School [38 Helpful Tips]

Getting high-quality letters of recommendation can make the difference between having an outstanding grad school application or one that gets lost in the stack.

How are you ensuring that your recommendation letters are fantastic? What mistakes should you avoid when requesting a letter from a professor?

How to Prepare for Grad School: 32 Tips for Undergrad Students

Graduate school will challenge you to your limits. How can you start preparing for grad school during your undergrad?

Thirty-two deans, professors, and program directors contributed to this article with their best advice on preparing for grad school.

17 Graduate School Mistakes to Avoid (According to PhD Students)

How many mistakes have you made so far in graduate school? What have those mistakes cost you in terms of time, money, and missed opportunities?

Save yourself some pain. Learn from the experiences of other graduate students who have been there before you.

The Sweaty-Palmed Art of Networking in Graduate School: 10 Tips from Professors for How to Do it Better

Do you have a strategy for networking in graduate school? How important do you think your network will be for landing a position when you finish your program?

The number of job placements in the “hidden job market” (positions that are filled without a public job posting) is estimated to be 70%-80% of all job placements.

You don’t have to be a charismatic extrovert to be an effective networker, but you do need a strategy and you will need to devote time and energy to the process.

6 Top MBA Student Mistakes and Professors’ Advice for How to Avoid Them

Wouldn’t it be great if someone would share with you the top MBA student mistakes and give you practical advice on how to avoid them?

More than 20 business school deans, professors, and program directors shared their best advice for avoiding major mistakes in your MBA program.

27 Practical Graduate School Tips from Faculty Members

Are you struggling with graduate school? Do you feel like you need a better plan so you can succeed in your program?

You need some actionable advice to help you manage the stress of grad school and increase your chances of success.

With that goal in mind, we asked professors and faculty members to share their best graduate school tips with you.

You might be surprised at what they actually say about being fulfilled as a graduate student and prepared for employment (hint: they do not emphasize GPA much).

How to Set Goals in Graduate School to Maximize Your Success

Many graduate students feel overwhelmed by the amount of work being throw at them. I ran a survey of 300 graduate school students and the number one complaint from the group was the feeling of having too much work to do and not enough time to do it.

You have to learn how to set goals well so you can succeed in your graduate program.

Are You Compatible with Your Graduate School Program?

I want to talk about a psychological strategy that is used by Olympic athletes, military commanders, CEOs, and other highly performance-oriented people.

This strategy is simple and easy to implement, and it may have a dramatic impact on your graduate school experience and chances of success.

You have to know why graduate school matters to you.

6 Benefits of Grad School

How do you know if going to graduate school would improve your life? Would it be a good decision for you and your personal values?

You have to be clear on the exact benefits of graduate school for you so you can make a good decision.

Let’s look at some of the benefits of going to graduate school to see if they fit your goals.

Is Grad School Right for You? : A Values Driven Decision

Deciding to attend graduate school is a huge commitment of your time, money, and energy. It’s extremely stressful to make that kind of decision.

How do you decide if graduate school is the right choice for you?

Counting the Costs of Grad School

Everything comes with a cost.

Counting that cost is an essential part of deciding whether or not to pursue graduate school.

Do you know what grad school will cost you?

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What Problems are You Having in Graduate School?

Share with me a problem you are having with graduate school. I’ll research it, ask the experts, and pull together the strategies that will help you and other people like you to succeed in graduate school in spite of any problems you run into.

Please contact me if there is a specific topic that you would like help with.