It’s no surprise that your GRE score has a powerful impact on which grad school programs you can get into.

What is your plan for getting a fantastic GRE score?

Two of the most popular GRE prep services are offered online by Manhattan Prep and The Princeton Review.

Should you use either program to boost your GRE score?

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Comparing Manhattan Prep GRE vs The Princeton Review GRE

Manhattan GRE vs The Princeton Review GRE - Online GRE Prep 2019

You can find links to the free GRE practice tests offered by these companies below, so you can try their products free of charge.

Manhattan Prep – Free GRE Practice Test

The Princeton Review – Free GRE Practice Test

Manhattan GRE Prep vs The Princeton Review GRE Prep: What are the Similarities?

Both of these programs have the same goal, which is to get you ready to take the GRE test.

They both use video lessons, practice questions and tests, and written review material. The quantity and quality of the review material does vary between the two services.

More than 20 Hours of Video Lessons

Manhattan Prep and The Princeton Review both offer study-at-your-own-pace GRE review services that include extensive video lessons covering all the aspects of the GRE test.

Manhattan Prep includes more than 22 hours of video lessons, which is somewhat smaller than The Princeton Review’s 24+ hours of video lessons.

Practice GRE Questions for the Verbal and Quantitative Sections

Both Manhattan Prep and The Princeton Review include thousands of practice GRE questions in their service. Their reports will show you which types of questions you already do well on and which ones will require more practice.

Manhattan GRE Prep does not list the exact number of practice GRE questions they include in their program beyond saying there are “thousands”.

The Princeton Review advertises more than 3,500 practice questions for the Verbal and Quantitative sections of the GRE.

Self Paced Online GRE Review

Either program will allow you to go at your own pace during your subscription. You can watch and re-watch any of their video lessons in order to improve your GRE scores.

Differences Between Manhattan Prep and The Princeton Review Prep

Differences Between Manhattan Prep and The Princeton Review Prep

The two services differ in the quantity and type of review material that they offer, the type of guarantees they offer, and their pricing.

Let’s run through some of the differences between Manhattan Prep the The Princeton Review.

Number of Full Length Practice GRE Tests

Both programs include several full length practice tests so you can measure your progress and check whether you are ready to take the real GRE test.

The Princeton Review includes 8 full length GRE tests vs Manhattan Prep’s offering of 6 full length tests.

Both services offer one free GRE practice test, so you can see how well you are doing before purchasing a review service.

The Princeton Review Free GRE Practice Test

Manhattan Prep Free GRE Practice Test

Money Back Guarantees

The Princeton Review includes a money back guarantee as part of their program. If your GRE score does not improve after using any of their review programs, self-paced or in-person, then you are eligible for a full refund.

To qualify for the score improvement guarantee, you have to take the GRE test at least once before beginning a Princeton Review program.

You will also need to complete a required portion of their study program to to prove that you put in the necessary work to benefit from the program. You can read more about their guarantees here.

If you are not satisfied with your experience using The Princeton Review’s program, then you also have the choice of repeating the program for free.

Manhattan Prep’s self paced GRE review program does not include any guarantee, either a score improvement guarantee or a satisfaction guarantee.

GRE Essay Practice and Feedback

One of the more stressful parts of the GRE test are the essays. The test includes two essay tasks as part of the Analytical Writing section.

The Princeton Review’s program includes the ability to practice the GRE essay tasks. Your essays will be graded according to the GRE’s standards and returned to you with feedback from the grader.

Manhattan Prep does not include essay practice as part of their self paced GRE review program.

Bonus Materials

The Princeton Review does not include anything with their program besides the online prep program.

Manhattan Prep’s program includes their complete set of GRE strategy guides as well as the ETS’ “The Official Guide to the GRE General Test.” The bonus is ~$100 worth of extra materials.

You find out more about the Manhattan Prep GRE books and ETS guide below.

The Official Guide to the GRE General Test

Manhattan Prep GRE Set of 8 Strategy Guides

You can also check out The Princeton Review’s prep book gfdss below.

Cracking the GRE Premium Edition with 6 Practice Tests, 2019: The All-in-One Solution for Your Highest Possible Score (Graduate School Test Preparation)

Manhattan Prep GRE Cost vs The Princeton Review GRE Cost

As of 2018, Manhattan Prep’s cost is significantly higher than The Princeton Review.

Currently, Manhattan Prep’s self-paced online program is $549 for six months of access while The Princeton Review costs $199 for four months of access.

Even with the $100 worth of bonus books, Manhattan Prep is a lot more expensive than The Princeton Review.

The Princeton Review GRE Prep vs Manhattan Prep GRE - Which Way Should You Go

How Should You Decide Between Manhattan Prep and The Princeton Review?

The content of these two programs are roughly the same.

The Princeton Review has a couple more practice tests and more video lessons than Manhattan Prep.

They both have thousands of practice GRE questions.

Manhattan Prep includes some hard copy review books as part of their program that you would not get with The Princeton Review’s program.

Manhattan Prep is more well known than The Princeton Review, but is that worth the difference in their price tags?

If you decide to choose either of these GRE review programs (or neither of them), you should still use both of their free GRE practice tests as part of your review process.

The Princeton Review – Free Practice Test

Manhattan Prep – Free Practice Test

The Princeton Review