GRE Prep Central: FAQs, Tools, and Strategies to Increase Your Score

Getting a good GRE score is critical to getting into your top grad school choice. What is your GRE prep plan?

This page is a collection of our GRE articles including test FAQ’s, top tools, and GRE test strategies. When possible we link to free tools and resources to help you boost your GRE score, but some of the tools are paid.

Best GRE Prep Book of 2019

Studying for the GRE test is brutal. How are you planning to get the best score possible?

One of the least expensive (but most effective) ways of studying for the GRE is to use GRE prep books, but there are dozens of options to choose from. Which books should you choose?

Let’s examine the top three choices to determine which one is the best GRE prep book of 2021.

Is the GRE Hard? Yeah, It is. (Plus 3 Quick GRE Prep Tips)

If you are applying to grad school, then you’ll need to take the GRE.

Is the GRE hard? How can you get ready for it?

The answer is more complicated than you might think.

Barron’s GRE Prep vs The Economist GRE Prep: Is Either One Right for You?

Your GRE score is a critically important part of your graduate school application.

What is your plan for getting a fantastic GRE score?

You could try a self paced online GRE review program, which would include thousands of practice questions, full length practice tests, and video lessons with strategies for increasing your GRE score.

Two of the most popular online prep services are Barron’s GRE Prep and The Economist GRE Prep.

Is either program right for you?

Manhattan Prep GRE vs The Princeton Review GRE: Is Either One Right for You?

It’s no surprise that your GRE score has a powerful impact on which grad school programs you can get into.

What is your plan for getting a fantastic GRE score?

Two of the most popular GRE prep services are offered online by Manhattan Prep and The Princeton Review.

Should you use either program to boost your GRE score?

What is on the GRE? (A Complete Breakdown of GRE Sections, Length, and Questions Types)

Taking the GRE test can be intimidating.

Your GRE score will be critical to whether you are accepted to your top choice for grad programs. How do you prepare for it? What is on the GRE test?

This article will breakdown the structure of the GRE test, section by section, so that you get ready for it.

Magoosh vs Kaplan GRE Prep: Is Either One Right for You?

It’s no secret that your GRE score is a critical factor for whether you get into the grad school program of your choice.

What’s your plan for getting a great GRE score?

Two of the most popular online GRE prep services are offered by Magoosh and Kaplan.

Are either of these prep programs right for you?

Quick Guide to the ETS: GRE Test Tips and Resources

Where should you start preparing to take the GRE test?

A fantastic place to begin is the ETS website. They are the creators of the GRE test, so you can trust their guidance on how to do well on the test.

GRE vs GMAT: Which Should You Take?

There seems to be some confusion about whether it is better to take the GRE test or the GMAT test when applying to graduate school. How should you make the decision of GRE vs. GMAT?

Hopefully, we can clear up some of that confusion here.

2020 GRE Percentiles (Plus Tips for Improving Your GRE Score)

What are GRE percentiles? Where can you find your percentile ranks to see how you compare to everyone else?

Most importantly, how can you improve your GRE percentiles?